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"Sometimes you meet exactly the right person at the right time, and for me that person was Debbie. I was still pretty much in pieces after the unexpected death of my husband a year earlier and badly needed to start to come to terms with what I had lost. Debbie provided a very safe space for me to explore difficult and painful feelings. She was truly non-judgemental and accepting at a time when my self-confidence had taken an enormous knock and I was full of self-doubt and emptiness.. I actually don't know what I would have done without the sessions with her and I will never forget her very great generosity, warmth and kindness”

SM Female Client

"Debbie has helped me work through a very difficult, low period following a relationship breakdown. She has helped me gain some perspective and the tools I needed to process and accept my thoughts and feelings. She is skilled and compassionate, with terrific insight, and plenty of metaphors to provide clarity and understanding. This has given me back the confidence I had lost and I feel that the old 'me' is back! It was very difficult for me to accept that I needed help and I thought it would take me completely (and I do mean completely) out of my usual comfort zone to talk about feelings, but I am so glad I did, and I am so glad I choose Debbie.”

TR Male Client

"Debbie is a master in her field, her ability to guide one through their emotional and mental turmoil is second to none. I arrived a couple of months ago struggling with the battle between head and emotion after a very stressful period. Her gentle probing and intelligent questioning helped to guide me through so much. The difference Debbie has helped me achieve emotionally is astonishing, I no longer suppress feelings with logical thinking but the two now work in unison. The peace and contentment I feel is wonderful.

Thank you Debbie and I am happy to speak to any potential client and tell them first hand how good you are."

AC Male Client

"Debbie has helped me to completely changed my outlook on my past and my present. She reflects back things I have said in such a way that I have never thought of and this has given me so many insights into myself that have been so helpful. She has helped me to reframe how I tackle and process life so that I am more confident and secure in myself and my decision making. I cant thank Debbie enough for all of her help and will definitely contact her again, when I need support. ”


"Debbie has supported me twice during the darkest time in my life, bereavement and marriage breakdown and I cannot recommend her enough. The sessions have always felt like a really ‘safe’ space to explore some very deep seated wounds, it felt like she had her hand on my shoulder gently guiding me through a really painful place and providing me with strategies to start to find some peace. The ground is no longer shifting under my feet.”


"Just wanted to thank you for everything you have helped me to understand, process, work though and overcome during my journey.

To be able to feel confident and comfortable with someone that encouraged and supported me through my darkest times, memories and fears to be able to talk freely and without judgement or feel of guilt.

You have 100% given me the ability to see my self worth, that I do matter, that my past does not define me. You have given me the tools to make decisions myself, to understand myself, believe in myself and know that I will be ok. 

I have been able to leave my emotional baggage in the "cupboard" and feel safe, confident and empowered to be me.

I will keep your number on the speed dial as I know who I am reaching out to should the occasion arise.

I wish and hope that anyone who needs the help that I did has the opportunity to have you as their guide.

Eternally Grateful”


"As someone who was shielded, lockdown was particularly difficult for me. Having been an active member of the local community, the months of isolation made me realise that my self esteem was built on feedback from others, rather than something I found within myself, and I sank into depression. After 18 months on antidepressants and seeing no way back, I contacted Debbie to see if she could help.

I simply cannot praise her skill as a psychotherapist enough. She quickly, but gently, guided me to the root of my issues and within 6 sessions, I was not only back to my normal self, but in a better place than I think I have ever been in my 57 years and the joy has returned to my life. My last session with her was on 23rd December and within 2 weeks I was off my anti depressants.

Making that first call is not easy, but I encourage you to do it - you will not look back.”


"’I am writing to thank you for your assistance in helping me to understand why I have been feeling so anxious. Through your skilful insight, wonderful use of metaphor, attentive listening and careful reflection, I now feel able to move forward in a positive light.

Debbie, you have a wonderful aura that put me at ease immediately and I felt safe and secure in the comfortable space that you provide. By offloading my personal worries and concerns you were able to make me see clearly that life is never straightforward and fluid but full of twists and turns. You have opened my eyes to the importance of accepting others for who they are and to take responsibility for my own well-being.

Thank you for your warmth, kindness and professional expertise."

AM Female Client

"’I feel really lucky to have found Debbie at a particularly difficult time. She helped me work through some issues which were massively impacting my life and I couldn't easily see a way forward.

With her help and guidance she helped so much and I'll be forever grateful for her patience, foresight and wisdom.


"’Debbie was supportive, empathetic, sympathetic and professional throughout the 8 weeks.

Debbie has helped me focus and prioritise my approach to the situation and devise coping mechanisms to help me grow and recover. The sessions were realistic and practical.

I am grateful to Debbie's effort and expertise. I was also praised for my effort and bravery, which I appreciate....’’

Male client working online

"I have been seeing Debbie for a few months now, for trauma and emotional that have stemmed far back into my early childhood. With Debbie help I have begun to unravel these emotions.

She is patient and empathic towards my difficult and painful past. I wish I had sought counselling years ago.” - Di

"I went to see Debbie because I was feeling very overwhelmed. Talking to Debbie helped me feel stronger and clearer again. As I was talking, Debbie seemed to hone in on the pertinent thing and ask the right question at the right time.

This helped me identify the knots and she gently helped me to unpick them. It was a gentle but powerful process. We often laughed too – it was not all heavy! Thank you Debbie for helping me get through the tricky patch in my life." - Jane

"You created an inviting and safe space where I felt comfortable talking through thoughts I have not shared with anyone else.

You guided me gently through my past hurts and enabled me to understand they don't have to continue influencing my present or my future. I trusted you…. you did not let me down, thank you.

"Your varied approaches and sessions were insightful and I gained so much from each session with you I really appreciate all your hard work and thank you so much for all your supportive the past year."

"Calm and relaxed environment and an encouraging non-judgemental ear made my therapy experience easy and ultimately very satisfying."  Mat

"Debbie is amazing and has helped me so much,  I like how I was able to take things at my own pace and that I was never rushed. I felt like I had a really strong support when I had challenging moments throughout the weeks.  Thank you so much. I really appreciate all that you have done and you have made me feel more confident in myself and shown me that there is hope when I feel down."  Katheryn (15)

"Debbie is excellent in her work, flexible in approach and does just enough to get me to see my truth. I have really loved her honesty.

Thank you in helping me through a very dark period, you know my very secrets and I have never felt anything but complete compassion and acceptance." Rob

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